hdri lighting not making shadows.

I’m playing around with HDRI lighting and I’m unable to get any shadows. I’m using an HDRI image which is a clear sky with a bright mid-afternoon sun. I’m also using the sky sphere actor and a skylight actor with the cubemap set to use the HDRI pic. The scene is lighting nicely, but there’s no shadowing. Is there a trick to this or is it not possible to get shadows from HDRI lit scenes?

Need some more information. Skylights will only cast occlusion/shadows by baking lighting(if the skylight is Static or Stationary), if you are using raytracing, or Distance Field Ambient Occlusion(if the skylight is Stationary or Movable).

I tried setting the skylight to static and got a black scene as a result. The scene itself is very simple. Just a plane with some cubes on it. Lighting is provided by the skylight which has an HDRI cubemap assigned to it. The scene is enclosed in a LightmapImportance Volume. And that’s basically it.

Edit: Oops. Had the indirect lighting set to zero. Scene is no longer black. I also set the cubemap resolution to 512 and now I’m seeing some shadowing, but it’s very noisy.

Is lightmap compression on in the World Settings or Project Settings (Rendering)? If so, turn it off. Also try increasing the cubemap resolution to 2048.

I don’t know if the lightmap compression is on or off. I’m thinking it shouldn’t matter since using the stock sky sphere and a direct light for the sun doesn’t cause a similar problem. One other thing I noticed is that the HDRI lit sky is causing random bright flashes as the camera is panned.