HDRI Lighting for MetaHuman Eyes

I’m trying to light my Metahuman with just an HDRI backdrop (no additional lights). Everything looks fine except for the eyes which look almost black. Even when I turn up the HDRI intensity 10x, the skin gets much brighter but the eyes still stay dark. I can fix the problem with spotlights, but then I’m adding light to the skin that I’d rather not be there.

Is there a way to get the eyes to look right with just an HDRI backdrop lighting the scene? Or do the eyes not work well with HDRI’s?

Hey I’m trying to solve the same issue, did you ever get anywhere with this? Also when using translucency for ray tracing my eyes get black blobs within them, I’ve tranches it down to the M_Eye_Occlusion material but have no idea on how to fix this, anyone got any ideas?

Do you have transmission enabled in the skylight, and set to moveable ?
I get black eyes if I don’t have that enabled (which seems to be the default)


Ah thanks I will try, I’ve got it set to movable but not tried transmission yet, I’ll give it a go and report back. Thanks

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Did you get this to work? I see the skylight in the HDRIBackdrop and I have it set to Moveable, but I don’t see a setting for Transmission?

No still haven’t got this to work, there’s a transmission tab in the directional light but it has no effect.

Transmission is one of the settings in the light section of the skylight. If you are using the hdribackdrop youll need to select the skylight child for all it’s params.

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Hey thanks for sending this over. Haven’t had chance to try it yet and I wasn’t previously using a skylight, only directional and HDRI. I will try setting it up with the skylight. Thanks