HDRi lighting as it exists in Blender?


I’m wondering if you could point me to where I can learn to use an HDRi to light an entire scene, just with the HDR file, as there’s in Blender. No sun light/lamp, only the info on the HDRi file.

Like these:



Maybe you can try this:

Thanks! Good tutorial, and the one also linked in the tutorial HDRI Lighting in Unreal Engine – Page 2 – Real Time 3D Architecture Visualization


Do lightmass portals have a direction they need to be? Sunlight seems to be coming from the opposite direction of where it should be entering the scene:

No they don’t have direction… maybe your cubemap has a different rotation than the visualized dome image!

Thanks. There was a “Light Source” causing this.

I’ll check my skybox, IMO when I rotate the material it should also cast it’s sun’s rays onto the scene.


I usually just have my Sky Light capture the dome, instead of using the specified cubemap in both dome material and Sky Light and lining them up. At least with the former method, you only have to rotate once and just recapture the Sky Light for updated directionality.

I’m extremely new to Unreal, only a few hours in :wink:

So I can make the Sky Light automatically capture whatever Z rotation the dome has? Could you please elaborate on this?


Maybe this can help you in Lighting a scene using hdri.