HDRI backdrop overrides reflection captures

Thats it is as it named. HDRI backdrop overrides reflection captures. Is anyone in the world ever have an answer on my questions here, or its just only about simple stuf covered in documentation… How do I have my reflection captures work with hdri backdrop? Or with ambient map in post process volume as I asked some far below…

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I just wasted half an hour on this.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Why would Epic sabotage you like this?

They don’t want users to have the convenience of a HDRI skybox without forcing them to use RTX? I just wanted a simple way of using a HDRI sky in VR but I guess I have to look elsewhere for a solution now!

You can turn off raytracing features per mesh, per light, per material, etc. Epic isn’t forcing anyone to use raytracing, the plugin just defaults to using it if it’s enabled in your project. It works the exact same way with or without raytracing.

You’re also not forced to use the HDRI Backdrop for a sky. The plugin revolves around a custom mesh and UVs to fake a ground plane with the skybox, if that’s not needed, then don’t bother because it doesn’t offer anything else.

As I said, it’s a VR project. Do you think raytracing is enabled?

I thought this was a convenience plug-in, but unless you use raytracing it’s apparently not (and in your little rant you mentioned reflection probes exactly zero times, which is the issue here).

Just change the skydome mesh in the Blueprint from Movable to Static, then recapture reflection probes. Movable lights/geometry are not visible in reflection captures.