HDRI Backdrop not emitting


The default size of the HDRI Background is 150. When I increase it above 500. The Skydome stops emitting light. In both cases SkyLight, it’s deactivated.
Does anyone know why?

You need to compensate the intensity since the light source is further away now. Just increase the light intensity and see if the problem persists.

Hi, thank you for your answer.
No, it doesn’t solve the problem. Maybe it’s Lumen which has a limited distance.

HI! Increase the light intensity to 100 and the size to 1500, seems to work for me.

Do you have the same problem when you package your project, the HDRI background doesn’t export, I mean, I have a blue sphere instead of the HDRI background, when I test my game in STANDALONE, no problem, i could see the HDRI background (ex: AUTUMN HOCKEY 4k) but when I open my game with the package version, the background disappear, only horrible blue sphere with no texture ?..

Thanks per advance for your answers…

I have same problem when I package and play the window .exe file My scene doenst show the hdri and also its not casting any light.

this is how it looks on a default level. when i package it for windows. only the directlight shows but no hdri casting light and the hdri backdround is just black

Have you found solution ? Me too facing same issue in Mobile