HDRI Backdrop messed up the scene

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

Can somebody tell me what is wrong with my HDRI Backdrop? When I insert it the light scattered weirdly in the scene. The sky becomes dark.
Please see the attached image.

Need more info. Was there a skylight before adding the HDRI? Try deleting the initial one and keeping the HDRI’s built-in skylight. It appears the ‘floor’ of the HDRI is stretched to skewing its image. Adjust the X and/or Y scale of the HDRI, or change the Size of the mesh in the HDRI settings (the mesh is the dome or cube being used to project the HDRI’s image onto). In addition, the Projection Center of the HDRI has to be equal or close to the projection camera’s height (Z value). The projection camera being the camera that was used to capture the image. So if the image was captured at a height of 90 cm (average height for it), then set the Projection Center at 90 cm or close to it. Certain cases require a larger difference of height for the Projection Center. So, basically adjust until it shows better.