HDRI backdrop in mobile VR

Can hdri backdrops be used in mobile VR (android using vulkan)? I develop a game for oculus quest 2 with this setup and when testing the game using the link (not mobile) the backdrop works but when testing the build it doesn’t. The thing is that I can see the backdrop when looking down but in the place of the envirodome mesh I see just a grayish wall. There’s no other sky or light element in my scene.


Edit: it works when I reach near the edge of it’s mesh

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Hi @RealityWebTeam. I’m having the same problem. Can you be more specific on how you solved it? Thanks a lot!

In our case we were able to fix it by setting Engine–>Rendering–>Mobile–>Mobile Float Precision Mode to “Use Full-precision for MaterialExpressions only”

thank you!! very helpful.

In our case we just found out that HDRI backdrops are not meant to be used in mobile VR at least for the time being. As an alternative you can create a giant mesh (like a dome sphere) and apply a material that will appear on the inside with your image. But I didn’t try the solutions from the guys bellow.