HDR import error

Please can someone test if you get import error? i cannot import on 4.18


I’ve tried the 2k version and run into this error:

Error: Texture import failed
LogAssetTools: Warning: Failed to import ‘…\misty_pines_2k.hdr’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/Materials/misty_pines_2k’.
Please see Output Log for details.

So NO it’s not working for me either (4.18.3)!

Just resave it on your own in Photoshop. Not sure what it is, but it’s something with the downloaded file only.

I do not use Photoshop but Krita which wont open this. Unreal should be more tolerant to .hdr files so it will open this like Blender that can open this ok. I wait 4.19 and maybe it is working, i have not tested preview releases.

I don’t think it’s anything to do with Unreal and HDR files. I’ve used both HDR and EXR files many times before, depending on what i’m doing with them. Seeing as I’ve only had this issue with HDRI Haven’s files, it’s probably something with them.

Figured out what is was, with the help of a Marmoset Toolbag programmer because they had the same issue.

HDR files from HDRIHaven don’t use the typical label that HDR requires. The format requires #?RADIANCE in the header, but HDRIHaven’s have #?RGBE. I looked at HDRLoader.cpp for the engine and the label the engine looks for is the standard #?RADIANCE. I don’t know how to add support for both labels, but opening up the HDR in Notepad, modifying the label, and resaving allows it to import correctly.

Thanks for info.

This is correct - I use a command-line tool called ImageMagick to resize the HDRIs (so the 16k file likely doesn’t have this error), which makes a semi-non-standard header that some software don’t recognise. I made a bug report which was fixed, but haven’t followed up with the new version yet. [Edit: it works \o/]

Good to know it can be fixed in notepad :smiley: I’ll see if I can script a fix like that for now.

Can someone more professional with hdr-s can re-test this but i found a way, opened .hdr in Blender image editor and just re saved it, not sure of rgb button but tested both on/off and output is same colors. Works on UE4 after that.

Awesome, thanks a lot! And thanks for the HDRIs :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed this now - all the HDRIs on my site now use the standard ?RADIANCE header instead of ?RGBE.

My issue is that the folder I was pulling from was in an .alg_meta folder. It wouldn’t even load in Photoshop. Using a different version of the .exr (outside of that folder) was a working version).