HBAO+ Intergation

I’m trying to integrate HBAO+ into my project. Not sure exactly how to do it but what I did was download it from GitHub then moved the folder to my third party directory. Not sure if that’s how you do it or not but if so what do I do from there ? How do I recompile the editor if that’s the next step.

You will need the source version of the UE4 engine from github - Then you will need to merge in the changes from the HBAO+ branch. Or you can just download the HBAO+ branch from the NVIDIA github site. However it is an older version of the engine (Like 4.8 or 4.9 or something). I have recently merged HBAO+ with 4.11.2 so I could probably generate a patch (Maybe, since I am using a heavily modified version of UE4, it might not come cleanly). But would still need to be applied to the source version of the engine.

Yes I am compiling the source version of 4.12 right now. How do I merge it ? I downloaded the zip from GitHub. Can you walk me through it step by step please? I’m compiling the engine with the HBAO+ inside the Engine/ThirdParty folder is that ok ?

Are there any plans to change the rendering system, so it can be customized without rebuilding the full engine from source?

A plug in could probably be created for it, like Substance does with their materials and UE4.

That would be awesome if someone made a plugin. Better yet, official support for HBAO+ from Epic.