Having problems seperating light in post process material

Working on a shader and everything is done, except I need to modify the shading of objects.
And seems like it doesnt matter wich scene texture I try to get it from, it just isnt there. Got the AO seperated but where is the rest of the light and reflections?

I tried to find the algorithm for composing the final image, but couldnt find it anywhere. In wich order, and how it is all added together so I can go backwards to recieve the info I want :smiley:

So if anyone have some knowledge to share id be very much happy to learn!

This is what I got so far, higher quality normal maps would sort the jagged lines but also working a smoothing algorithm.
However I still have alot of problems breaking out the lighting, tried with RGB -> HSL -> RGB and adjusted only the lightness value but not good enough