Having problem with brushify water material in UE 5.0.1

I am working on a POC and it is supposed to be a villa alongside a lake. I have sculpted the terrain and painted it using brushify. I then dragged the water plane from the brushify folder to the terrain but it doesn’t interact with the landscape.

Please see the image from another test.

I did the same thing in another test project in UE 4.26 when I was learning world creation few months ago and with the same procedure as now, it worked. I even converted that project to UE501 and it is still working.

Why isn’t it working in UE5.0.1 if I start the project in UE5.0.1?

Just checked with other water material from Unreal Sensei and even some marketplace assets and same thing is happening with them.

open up the material instance and look for a field that says ,pixel depth offset in the material instance if it doesnt exist go to the master material and implement the pixel depth offfset node .

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Thanks. Let me try and get back to you.

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