Having issues converting code projects from 4.18.3 to 4.19

When attempting to convert code projects from 4.18.3 to 4.19 I get this error:

Project files could not be generated.
Log output:

Running C:/Unreal
-projectfiles -project=“D:/dev/game/TheGameGame.uproject”
-game -rocket -progress Discovering modules, targets and source code for
project… While compiling
: error CS1729:
‘UnrealBuildTool.ModuleRules’ does not
contain a constructor that takes 0
arguments ERROR: UnrealBuildTool
Exception: Unable to compile source

Before; when converting to 4.18 I had to use this: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/718575/error-when-updating-to-418-generating-visual-studi.html

Anyone having issues like this?

I have succeffully converted my code projects to 4.19 from 4.18. What helped for me:

  1. Check your Visual Studio has all the right packages installed: “Desktop Development with C++”, “.Net Desktop Development” and “Game Development with C++”. I have VS 2017 Community installed and for some reason first two packages were not wholly installed.

  2. Go project folder and generate visual studio files by right clicking .uproject file.

  3. Check project folder /YourGame/Source/YourGame that YourGame.Build.cs contains line:

     public YourGame(ReadOnlyTargetRules Target) : base(Target)

    Instead of

     public YourGame(TargetInfo Target) 
  4. Run clean solution and rebuild solution from VS.

  5. Close Visual Studio and by right clicking .uproject file use “Switch Unreal Engine version.” In my case I switched to 4.19.

  6. Open YourGame.snl clean and rebuild solution.

  7. Close VS and open your project from .uproject

This method has worked me for three different code projects. Building your code between conversions is smart. Not sure if all steps above are necessary.