Having difficulties with lighting


I’m trying to make a pointlight behind a translucent material to shine through but I cant seem to get he light to illuminate around the little sign block inside properly once the lighting is built.

Before build/after build:

My goal is to make the sign appear as if it is what is giving off the light behind a plastic cover. Does anyone here know how I can achieve this


You could use the emissive channel in the sign’s materials.

An easy and cheap way would be to make the material emissive and add a light above it so that it seems the light would come from the sign. That is a pretty standard method and should work for most smaller objects. It also leaves a good amount of control over the light and material.

An accurate, though build-intensive and not always pretty way (needs some tweaking for proper looking shadows and it doesn’t have as much control as actual lights) would be to set the mesh as a light emitter. To achieve that you need to check “use emissive for static lighting” in the mesh properties and give the mesh an emissive material like in the above method.