Having a lighting issue on Skeletal mesh (static version without skele has no problem) [UE4-4.26]

For a horror game project I’ve come across a a lighting issue with a model, making it appear like the mouth area is indented. As a static mesh it imports fine, but importing as a skele mesh yields that sharp low quality looking shadowing.

This makes me feel like it is an issue with the object now being a ‘fancy?’ moveable object but can’t for the life of me figure out any settings that fix the issue.

  • Blender is 3d Model of choice
  • Even if I delete the armature and import the static model as a skele mesh this occurs

I’ve imported silly and roughly done rigged models quite a bit and never had this problem or noticed it before. Can also assure that moving the camera around the doll the surface is smooth, there is no ‘indent’ at all.

Also as side note its a very rough rigging and animating job :persevere: , just wanted to see if it could look scary, but can’t really go further if I can’t figure out this lighting thing.