Have some lightning issues. Please help!

After light building on my foliage and also at some standalone meshes appears some strange light blobs. Also kind of this things appear on terrain. What to do? For flora I use world position, if it may be the cause. For terrain nothing special. Albedo Normal and AO. Thanx! Also I wanna ask if somebody knows why my terrain is so dark after baking. Everything around looks way brighter. Help!

Thank you for reply! So to structure my problem more, you see on the first screen that terrain is much darker than foliage and meshes. That what I meant about terrain. Also I attach terrain bp if this could be a problem. I use only sky light in terms of performance, and it was enough for me. For PP it is pretty default. May be terrain settings also would be helpful so I attach them too.

As for the foliage, only plant meshes have some light dots on them even if I don’t use foliage tool and set them by hand. Nothing special. Imported straight from Quixel bridge. I already tried to change lightmap resolution that was mentioned in some of the topics but it didn’t work. Light dots/blobs appear in same place every baking.

Thank you for help!