Have Box Reflection Capture Follow Player?


I’m doing some VR scenes and could use some help with reflections.

The forward renderer doesn’t blend cubemap reflection boundaries resulting in some bad reflection information on surfaces. The way I see a workaround is to just assign one box reflection capture to the scene, attach it to the player, then update it everytime the player teleports to another location. I forsake the distance reflections in favor of the ones in front of me.

When I try this, the output log tells me the capture is set to static so it won’t move, but there are no mobility options available for the capture actors.

My other option was to attach a scene capture cube actor to the camera, update that the same way, and just assign that cubemap to the main box reflection capture’s cubemap slot. But, the render target is not of type cubemap and there isn’t a realtime conversion process inside blueprint that I’m aware of.

Help! Any suggestions?