Have a Blueprint Actor cast static, baked shadows?

Hey everyone. I have a blueprint that saves a few variables that change if the camera is overlapping it, hiding the static mesh. The game is made for mobile, however, and therefore they are considered dynamic and don’t cast any shadows (I know unreal 4.9 has dynamic shadows for mobile, but my performance tanks when this happens so I can’t use it) and since this is primarily used for buildings and walls, I would like for them to have shadows that are simply casted.

as a test, I set the ‘hide/unhide’ blueprint code into the level blueprint using a static, non-movable mesh in the level and baked it’s shadow, and it hid and un-hid fine with no errors. Problem is, is that I have to set up a new, somewhat lengthy blueprint code for every object I want to hide like this, which will be a lot. So I was wondering if you can cast static, baked shadows for an actor? Is that possible?



I am confused. You said you got it to work, but then you said it will be a lot of work. What exactly are you needing?

The blueprint script to hide a mesh should be really easy. It should just be a “set visibility” node.

Seems to me that the “light as if static” option does exactly what you are looking for.

That is if he actually needs dynamic primitives. I do not understand why dynamic primitives are needed at all in his case.

the ‘light as if static’ did it. Thank you!

@RyanB: You are right, I didn’t read his post well enough.

: Reading your original post again it seems to me like you assume every component in a blueprint has to be dynamic. While this is the default, you can set components inside blueprints to static just like level actors. Just make sure every parent is also static as you obviously can’t parent a static component to a movable parent. In this case you could use a movable component with light as if static, but the better solution is probably to just set them to static inside the blueprint.