Has anyone used Mixamo's Fuse?

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Its because of STEAM is making me avoid using Mixamo’s product and really scared of wasting $99 on them for something I could be getting for free. However, if the ratings were a little higher on STEAM I would get it just to get things done and have something to show. I’m turning to this community if anyone here has used Fused software for UE4? Note this is not a modelling software and if you decided to buy this software and started hating don’t complain to me because I didn’t do anything wrong than asking questions about.

ADD: I’m thinking they’re only after is the money because its $99 and no comments on negative reviewers.

Come and watch the live stream! Mixamo is there too.

EDIT-EDIT: Forget it! I’m definitely not getting Mixamo for subscription fees it’s ridiculous, I have to pay to rig the models a complete waste of money glad I didn’t mentioned this on the stream because I don’t want to get negative vibes. Definitely glad I sided with STEAM community on this.

EDIT: I’m going for Blender software from now on.

In terms of hiring a animator or animating every character yourself? The pricing structure they offer is actually relatively modest. Quite honestly, their auto-rig service is unbelievably fantastic.

However, I will agree that for independent developers, the pricing setup they have isn’t good, at all. I just wish they’d offer a month-to-month subscription service, rather than their yearly contracts which penalize you for missing a payment.

I contacted them directly about offering such a payment plan, but they confirmed it wasn’t coming in the foreseeable future. Which, is super, super disappointing. Because, lets face it…not many indie developers can afford $150 a month.

@DanielBennifer Yeah That’s point why I need to learn Blender it may work for some to me I can’t afford to spend that kind of money. No offense to the dev team, I am on my own, I don’t have allot of budget , I have no team of my own, my job suck, I go to school like everyone my age, and I have to maintain my for repairs and make payments on rent. Definitely Maximo is out in my case.

EDIT: I hope they read this and understand that not all of us have that kind of budget for an indie game.

Some time ago, Mixamo offers a deal for indies, which was around $ 300 (I think) for an annual plan for those indies or companies who bill less than “x” amount of money (do not remember), if billed more, had to pay the full price.
Hopefully they reintroduced some plan for small budgets.

In some response (in chat) at the livestream yesterday, some of the Mixamos member team responded that maybe they can analyze the possibility of introducing new plans for indies.
I think the ideal scenario would have some plan as SpeedTree or IKinema.

Sorry for my English.

JeDeergab , you may have noticed the 15 free characters from Mixamo for use in UE4 in the UE4 market place, i agree not everyone can or will afford the $1500 full access but i grabbed Fuse for $20 from Steam when it was an sale (now $99) so for lets say basic characters not bad and now they have a basic locomotion pack of anims (7 ) its more than enough to get you going

i may be wrong in saying this but i don’t think there is anything against using other mo-cap anims with the mixamo/fuse content and there is a lot of free mo-cap out there.

the bottom line is that not everything is for free, quality costs in money or time.
btw you can import the content into blender and animate it there and export it via fbx to UE4

Yeah, you can use mocap animations on autorigged fuse characters by using the scripts for 3Ds Max on their site to convert autorig to biped or CAT.

The best way I can explain this program is, its like setting up your character in Skyrim or Fallout, you have an unbelievable amount of customization available, your able to completely re - shape the stock busts to get a good starting point for a character. They also offer the Locamotion Pack for free now, that has all your standard animations and is also a great starting point.

You can also upload your Fuse character to Mixamo website and auto - rig it (you get I THINK, 4 free rigs). You can then download the rig and use it on other characters you create (again it’s also a great starting point). I tend to create quick characters in Fuse, export them as OBJ and then continue to work on them in Zbrush. When I want to animate I will use one of the ready made rigs I’ve download from Mixamo (the free one’s I have downloaded) and then continue to work on that.

If you are after quick results in a short space of time then this tool is worth the money, looking at it from an artists perspective it’s great for getting quick form to sculpt on top of to make a totally new character everything is reusable :smiley:

well i bought it for about 20$ in the summer sales.
But even for that i am disappointed as the quality is not as good and if you created ~ 10 Characters the fun for it leaves.
I bought it because of the 2 free autorigs each week but if you don’t use Fuse Characters theres no need for Auto Rig as you can’t import other characters.
Anyways you have to buy animations seperately…

For me a really really great and affordable pipeline actually looks like this:

daz3d genesis studio (autorigger) ->3dxchange pipeline -> iclone -> 3dxchange -> UE4

You could also use MakeHuman which is free and provides pre-rigged customized characters

In IClone you can share your animations with your Characters and save them in a library.

So for mixamo, i waste 2 free autorigs each week…
they should see epics pricings as a standard to reach a larger market popably i will never buy their lifetime

This is also my personal opinion and i don’t really like Mixamo because of this

I downloaded the mixamo charatcer+ animations and imported them into my project but how can I use them??

is out there a tutorial or a guide how to set up them to work in a project or to set an animated character as player character??

I think I see a youtube link to that but I cannot find it now…

Are you talking about the mixamo characters from Marketspace?
if so, take a look at this link:

Hi Everybody!

I agree that the current pricing for the All Access subscription is out of reach for indie and hobbyist devs, we’re working with pricing professionals to fashion an indie friendly solution. TBH we can’t support a pricing model like Epic’s because we vend content rather than a platform: it’s easy to track games made on UE4 for them to get 5% of gross revenue, but content can be modified, renamed, retargetted, remapped… it would be impossible. As a trade-off, any Fuse characters you make or purchased or free Mixamo content is royalty-free, meaning you never owe us anything, no percentages for using them in a shipped game, nada.

Also just have to disagree real quick that we haven’t commented on negative Fuse reviews; on the contrary we’ve been very receptive of the negative reviews and used the feedback to help guide what features or content users want to see added.

tl;dr - We’re working on an indie level offering that is more affordable, we do have to make money in order to survive as a company, but we want to make sure our users are happy and we definitely listen when they aren’t.


Yes …this is what I need…thanks…

It’s good to hear. I’ve already commented on this numerous times, personally - in the recent live stream, on the Mixamo forums and so forth.

To date, my disappointment with your pricing structure is that it’s a fixed contract. If I sign up, I must sign up for an entire year. Which, means, if I’m able to pay for three months, but not the fourth, then when I return, I’ll have a massive bill to pay in order to resume service.

From my experience, indie developers just can’t commit to something like that. They’re typically working on a shoestring budget and having to commit to a 12 month contract at $150 a month, whereby they’ll be penalized for missing a payment? Sadly, no. If you offered a month-to-month contract or some method of ‘pausing’ the subscription, I’d sign up instantly.

I don’t think anyone’s disputing the fact that as a company, you need to make money in order to stay in business. But, by lowering the entry threshold for smaller devs - you’d no doubt get many, many more of them signing up. In the long run and over the course of numerous months (and possibly years), that’d add up - whereby, currently, that is not being achieved.

No the software itself Mixamo is selling for $99 that has 2 free animation package which scares me allot whether if I should get it. I have read about Blender, but as a Blender modeller and beginner its a pain to learn that’s why I’m taking my time off and learn this and before taking on any subject just like school work. Get map making done on UE4, Blueprint second, and now Blender modelling / animation which is free and cheap. You have to look at it to a perspective of an indie dev with not enough funding is stuck using crummy materials to get by in life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review because as an indie game developer I can’t spend money on things that I may get it for free the reason why I’m willing to learn Blender modelling and then rigging which is time consuming. I hope you guys fix this issues ASAP and work on a better reliable fees for all indie dev. and hobbyist. Thanks again!

I agree with DanielBennifer…I’m a user of Fuse but cant afford a year contract…

Just as a side note. I have Fuse, and last night I was able to re-target my Fuse-created character with the skeletons that came with the Mixamo Marketplace Asset. Now all I have to do is adapt my blueprint to use this new character.

Mixamo every now and then has a special promotion for indies, going as low as $399 (I think), which - if you have EVER tried to do any animation - is a freaking steal.

I still won’t sign up right now, because I’m still learning so much, that it won’t be of much use.

can i auto rig non mixamo fuse character? like a character i model myself