Has anyone used Eagle 3d streaming?


I recently came across a company calleed Eagle 3d streaming, they’re related to Seagull. Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming Demo ue4 - The Seagull Company

I was surprised because they recently told me they’ve been around for a while, but a few months ago I searched high and low for streaming services and didn’t see them.

Their representative said they work with UE developers, but there’s no mention in google searches of their partnership, so I was surprised.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Ssteidle we work with them.
Seagull is their agency side.

They can help you with hosting only but also have developers for support and custom solutions.
As you can imagine, pixel streaming is still pretty expensive compared to other online hosting services.

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Just opened and account with Eagle for some tests. I’ll post here my experience with them.

@PrettyMuchRandom , what do you mean with “other online hosting services”? Is there any other way to deliver a game without installations at user’s side? Plattform agnostic?

I’m starting a project designed to be pixelstreamed because, afaik, it’s the only delivery method that can be used with any device. Am I missing something?

Hey, any experience to post? I’m starting to get into pixel streaming and would like to have someone’s point of view on Eagle 3D Streaming.