Has anyone got a good multi language Composite Font?

Im looking for a good clean Composite Font that supports, English, Italian, french,Russian,Japanese,Chinese, polish,ukraine,german…and we are using in a UMG - Roboto works ok but not for JP/Chinese

There are non on marketplace…



First, please note that Unreal allows [importing][1] both TrueType Font (TTF) or OpenType Font (OTF) font files which are widely available online ([example][2]), so you’re not restricted to assets from the marketplace for fonts.

Second, a composite font consists of a default font family but also allows any number of sub-font families which you can use to customize per language/character range. There’s an example [here][3] under the “Example Font Asset” section which deals with the same situation as yours. The default font is set to Roboto, and for Japanese it’s overridden with Source Han Sans. So both fonts are first imported separately and then assembled into a Composite font of your liking and you can do the same. Hope that helps!

I didn’t use multi language composite fonts yet. But I have experience in using best urban fonts 30 Best Urban Fonts for 2023 – MasterBundles which is available both for free and paid. There are different categories of fonts are available. I hope that help!

Use serif font Google Fonts: Noto Serif made by google and cover all 716 lang except SC, JP, KP, arabic – see google’s Noto lang for those lang. I save you 1 week of solving this issues.