Has anyone created a beautiful landscape with UE4

Has anyone created a beautiful landscape with UE4?
If yes, please post one or more screenshot’s.
Thanks in Advance!

Epic have, but the landscape in question is in a game that hasn’t been released to you guys on the market place yet, so I can’t post a picture yet!
It’s an landscape in a racing game, (which should be on the marketplace within six months or so) :cool:

May I can ask you why you need a picture of landscape? :confused:

@LexLuthor1 Yep, that was a pretty amazing one :slight_smile:

I’ve ported it to UE4 from “R” :slight_smile:

I too :smiley: In my opinion it is one of the best demos (I love racing games ^^)

Yep, me too :slight_smile:

We need to make Grand Theft Turismo :smiley:

Would be cool ^^. But let’s stay on topic in here :wink:

:smiley: :slight_smile: :p…

can somebody show me a good looking Landscape with some Trees and Grass, please?

I think the terrain used in the elemental demo looks pretty good. Have a look at that one if you haven’t seen it yet :wink:

Unfortunately it isn’t published yet :frowning:

@halobungie: May I ask why you need a picture from a landscape?

Hello ,
i have asked my question, because in my opinion it’s not so easy to create a good looking landscape with UE4.
Perhaps, how can i make some grass?

Here is a pretty good tutorial that explains you the basics: https://forums.epicgames/threads/867667-UDK-Grass-tutorial :wink:

We are currently working on a game that takes place on an Island. I think we have a pretty cool setup going. I’ll see if I can get our art guy to post a picture or two for you.

Hello nbazzeghin,
yes please post some pictures!
Kind regards,

I’m tending to create my landscape height maps outside of UE4 and then only use the terrain brushes to tweak them a bit, but good terrain is possible.

Yeh here ya go

Don’t post demos from the Unigine Engine…

If that content isn’t supposed to be publicized you should probably remove it. Looks good though.



That is a real photo, not from UniGine.