Hardware requirements for importing high polygon assets?

My hardware specs are:

intel quadcore 4x 3,8 ghz
nvidia gtx970
16 gb ram
windows 8.1

I tried to import an asset with 500 000 polygons and UE4 freezes. The windows task manager shows program status as inactive.Maybe it only takes very long to import this poly count. So i wonder, with my hardware specs ,which polycount can i max import one at a time , so that the program imports it in a resonable time , which is max 5 min ?

40k ?

Are there any tricks to speed up the process for higher poly counts ?

Indeed, it takes quite long to import such large model. It might appear as a freeze.

I have imported a 600 k triangles model as a binary FBX, and it took about 3-5 minutes. If you are trying to import 1 million triangles, it is expected to take longer.

As a side note, automatic lightmap UV calculation may significantly slow down importing such large model, so make sure, that you are importing it from file.

Just to back this up. We’ve imported incredibly large amounts of verts and turning off extra generation code is a good idea. It does appear to hang up but after waiting 5 - 10 minutes it usually comes through.