Hardware Optimization

I have been learning Unreal Engine 4 and like it very much. I am working on a Multiplayer game and have followed the Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial. I have a Laptop with 310m and optirun to test Multiplayer implementation, but when I package my game and run it on the laptop it tells me this.

Your NVIDIA graphics driver has known issues

Please update to the latest version
NVIDIA Geforce 310M
361.75 recommended
341.95 installed.

I cannot install that driver, Nvidia tells me I should install the driver I currently have. Also my driver is 341.96 not 95. The game runs at like 2 fps, like its running off the Intel driver.

Is this a limitation of UE4 to not run on this older hardware? Why would it even run on the Intel driver ? Is there a setting I can change in UE4 to make it run on older hardware? Could lack of correct DirectX files also cause this?

I was trying to run my game off OPENGL, but it seems its only supported on Linux? Is that was this is coming to?

bump, still unresolved.

Bump, Im having a hard time understanding why the onboard intel graphics will run but not the nvidia card

If you look in the log, which GPU does it end up using when you run it?
If you open up the NVIDIA control panel and force NVIDIA GPU for the built game, is it still slow?
What level settings are you using (“EPIC” certainly won’t work on the 310M, for example :slight_smile:

The Geforce 310M is a DX10 card. You need to set UE to DX9/SM4.
Since you are a developer i assume that your google skills are good enough to find further information by yourself :slight_smile:

The Problem is your Hardware not the Driver. Also afaik UE4 doesn’t support DX9.


ok I figured, but If I install Linux on the laptop can I use Opengl?

Yes, assuming there are good GL drivers for the chip in the laptop.