[Hardware] i5 7600K vs i7 7700?


I have to buy a new PC. And, I have to choose between an i5 7600K and an i7 7700 (not K). I will overclock the i5, as it is watercooled (Antek Kuhler H1200 pro). As the i5 is watercooled, it costs as much as the i7 (I will buy a Be quiet Shadow Rock 2).

It’s for using UE4, and making C++ code with Visual Studio, including editing UE4 source code.

For you, which one is the best?

Thank you !

Definitely, the i5 7600K is oriented for gaming, that’s why even the models are similar, the price is more expensive. In my work we know that the letter K indicates that the speed won’t be lock (for gaming and design this is useful because you can spend for hours using you PC). i7 7700 is a good option as well but it is not oriented to work for hours.

Just as a reminder, you never, never buy a processor with M nomenclature, that M indicates the processor works for mobile devices and the performance is not good even the processor is a Xeon.

As a summary, if you are going to spend too much time using several gaming operations or gaming, buy i5 7600K. If you are going to design UE4 apps only (and maybe test them for a little while), it is better to choose i7 7700.

Hope you find this useful.