Haptic vs Force Feedback with Vive

Is the haptic feedback code / assets currently meant to work with the vive in 4.10.2? Are their available examples? The force feedback functions work but I’m getting some weird behaviour when using them. I don’t get a crash but just the vr compositor and screen in the vive go black. It happens consistently if I have force feedback on, and has never happened with it off.

I’m not sure what the cause of your problem is, I’m running the same version of the editor and I haven’t had any problems. From my assumptions the haptic feedback function should use the linear actuators inside, and the force feedback the regular rumble. We’re not at the stage of development where I have time to test and I’m sure there will be more documentation on the topic soon. Or maybe someone can pitch in with their knowledge :slight_smile:

Can you take a screenshot of what your haptic asset’s curve looks like? And if possible how you’re calling it? I’m using the older Vive, not the Vive Pre.

When using Play Dynamic Force Feedback or Client Play Force Feedback with the “old” Vive controller, I’m getting this crash error in UE 4.10.1:

Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)

I can feel and hear a very short vibration just before the crash. I also would like to see a curve example.