Haptic Feedback on Vive controllers?


has anyone actually got the haptic feedback to work on the vive wands (or, anywhere)?

Please note that i dont mean the ForceFeedback nodes (neither Dynamic or with predefined assets) but really the haptic feedback, since it enables you to set the frequency and/or the amplitude for the feedback.

From my POV this is much needed since haptic feedback is one of the things that make games so immersive in VR…


Anybody at Epic able to chime in on this 1?

I’ve done several tries but without luck. I’ve been told from Epic (in person) that the “Play Haptic Effect” nodes should work, but without luck. They’ve updated them to only take 0-1 as inputs for frequency and amplitude and I tried after that but without luck. The function doesn’t do anything. The client play force feedback rumble does not compare to what the linear actuators actually do.

They definitely dont work, but i didnt have enough time to dig into the code to see whats going wrong. For now i achieved the effects i wanted through the Dynamic ForceFeedback (which gives you frequency and amplitude) but its a bit hard to design curves through code instead of the curve editor…

Bump. I cant get this Node to work at all. The node is 100% being activated and contains a curve going from 0-1 seconds, going from 0-1-0 in both amplitude and frequency. No effect whatsoever on the motion controller however. Can anyone else get this node to work?

Edit - Using 4.12.5

I’m unsure why you can’t just use the Force Feedback effects?
Also could fill me in on why the Haptic Feedback effect is prefered over the Force Feedback effect? I’m not sure I’ve thought of anything you can’t do with the simple Force Feedback effects

This is a known issues with Vive (unable to play haptic effects that work with oculus). Its not on public issues tracker yet but it is UE-27886 .

Haptic effect will be the preferred way going forward, Epic just hasn’t gotten to implementing it with SteamVR (Think its schedule for fixing in 4.13? ). Haptic Effect is nice cause you cause you can put haptic effects to a curve, and set custom effect curves. So they should work the same between the platforms soon ™ haha.

Now on public tracker Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-27886)

The haptic effects are just far more subtle. Having tried the force feedback node, it’s a very blunt effect. It’s vibrating or it’s not. You can set the strength of the rumble but that’s it. The haptic node takes 2 curves, one for the frequency and one for strength. This obviously allows for far more subtle and varied feedback patterns to be implemented easily.

And Thanks KRushin. Looking forward to this being implemented :slight_smile:

Ah k, awesome, look forward to the fix

And its fixed :wink: , Should be in 4.13 Preview 2. Tried it out in github last night, its pretty sweet playing haptic effects (setting Frequency / Amplitude curves for some neat effects). Although… i thought my vive control might fall apart with the rattling from inside lol.

@KRushin could you share a small blueprint screenshot of how you setup the Haptic Feedback?

Look at Mitch’s content examples template, there are examples in there that are easily exported. He has posted in this thread, the link is in his signature.

I have them implemented on the VR Expansions Plugin, which I’ve seen you are using, so it works fine :slight_smile:

Thank you GruntosUK, I will check them out. :slight_smile:

Does the frequency settings in Haptic Effect ever take effects? They all feel the same whatever I changed the values.