Hi there,
Inspired by the incredible work of Koola, I´ve decided to jump from Unity to Unreal and start playing around with lightning. Recovered this scene and make a daylight setting.
Hope you like it.



It looks really good except there is almost no reflection of the plane on the ground. If you can fix that and give us larger screenshots it will be perfect. :slight_smile:

Awesome work Morty! Fantastic work with your Hanger layout. Are you planning on implementing this for a project of yours? I would love to see that it turns out.

Great job and have a great day!

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Hi Jacky. Yeah, you´re right, but moving the camera around seems that the plane reflection on the ground only shows up on certain angles. At least in a noticeable amount. I´ve change reflection quality in console to 4 (think it is max) and using a Box Reflection Capture.
I´ll update and add video sequence.

Hi Sean. Actually, the idea is to generate a Oculus Demo, but maybe it will be too heavy for low and medium spec machines. I´m running on a Macbookpro with a GeForce GT 650M and I´m on 25fps, without any optimization made.

Really looks great - Any word on a flythrough video? Love the way the plane looks in that third shot.

On another note - Welcome to the forums :smiley:

Nice job! Those spotlights looks a bit wierd though.

Welcome! I wonder how many new subscribers did koola bring with his awesome work.

Hello everybody!
Here is a flythrough video, as requested ;). There´s a couple of weird things that I don´t know where did they come, like the sphere down the plane and black squares in lightmaps. But i´ll continue improving it and make some mood variations.
Hope you like it.


Wow, Awesome video!!!
I like the video better than the screenshots :slight_smile:

You mean it’s not real? If you had not told us I would have thought it was real. Wow

Hi Morty,

The sphere you’re seeing is the default player character. If you have a player start remove that from your map and if you started the matinee wherever you camera last was will leave this sphere.

I hope that helps!


Thanks Tim!!
I´ve done what you said and generate a new versión of the video.

Morty, could you post screenshot from Unity from this same scene? I want to show my frnd how UE4 is better than anything else.

Hi there, Maki
Yeah sure, but it´s not exactly the same. To be honest, the Unity scene doesn´t have the same amount of hours of work neither the same platform budget. The Unreal one is full specs, buth the Unity one is aiming for performance.
You can check some of the shots in my personal blog, here.

I´ve doing some changes to the scene, mainly changing it to night. Here is a couple of shots.

All the best.

I love those shots. :eek: Did you use the same background image for additional IBL or is the whole scene lit with point and spot lights?

I want to see that plane animated the next time. ^^

It´s just a background image! A little blueish from the skylight and the rest from point and spot static lights. Animation should wait :wink: I´m still learning.

dude thats awesome, nicely done

Great work!!!

It’s look real and can’t wait for more!

I was thinking to make a new flight sim in a couple of year (because now I’m learning how to make website in my class, but after it will be 3D objects and animations) and I was not sure if it was possible in Unreal Engine 4, but with these screenshots, I think it could be possible to make a great game!

thank you

I think flight sims are actually not allowed on UE4

ok. Maybe later? Could be fun!

The problem is that demanding a lot of work