Hands Physics in VR

Hello. This is also a Physics problem I’m facing. I’m moving some static meshes based on the controller position of the left and right hand. So far so good. The meshes are moving and rotating accordingly and they also can simulate physics by stopping the mesh if I try to move my hand through a wall for example.

The problem I’m facing is moving other objects with my static mesh hands that are moved based on the controller position.

Im using:
staticHandMesh->SetWorldLocation(player1->GetRightHandLocation(), 1, &ht, ETeleportType::None);

Os lets say I have a box that also simulates physics on a table. I’m able to knock the box down and move it properly if I hit it for example with the capsule of the main Pawn. If I try to move or knock down the box with the hand mesh that is moved with SetWorldLocation it just doesn’t work. Even if I set the mass to be ridiculously high the box sometimes moves but it’s not a move affected by a force hit but rather a simple constant move more like a forced dragging.

I also disabled the gravity of the moving hand mesh.

Thank you.