Hands Overlapping Positions

Hi all,

I am new to VR development in UE4. I wonder if anyone have ideas about while grasping, how can I get the positions of the overlapping area between hand mesh and the grasped object?

What I am trying to do is that I want to know when the user tries to grasp an virtual object using vr devices, which part of the object he holds. Therefore, I think that the overlapping area between the hand mesh and the grasped object is vital.


Anybody can help me? Thanks~

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve? It would help a lot with suggesting you a proper solution.

Sure, thanks for your suggestion! I have edited my original description.

Ok,understood. There are different ways to do this. Mind the fact that the pickup cubes in the standard VR template just “stick” to wherever your hand is when you grab them, but it doesn’t necessarily have to work this way.

If you want to know where your object is being grabbed, one way is to equip it with multiple collision volumes on different parts. When the hand overlaps with the specific collision volume and grabs, you know that one is the part that is being grabbed.

In other cases you may want to reverse the problem and, when the object gets grabbed, attach it to the hand in a specific way regardless, for example using a socket. This is what you would to with weapons and tools which need to be grabbed in a specific way.

Hope this helps! Have a look at my tutorial here: Realistic Physical Objects in VR - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

It shows how to create/grab physical objects in VR. Maybe it helps you.

Pretty cool! I am going to study the material. Thank you so much for your help!