Hands move one at a time

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the hands associated with the oculus quest controls.

I use the unreal default setup and it works fine except my hands. Hands move one at a time even if I move both controllers at the same time. In practice, if I click with the left controller, the left hand starts to move and the right hand stops, remaining in the same position even if I move.

I also noticed that the hand mesh moves jerkily compared to everything else. I had thought of replacing the default hand with a graphically simpler hand.

Can someone help me?



Try updating to 4.23 and Specify Quest in the new Project Settings -> ‘Package for Oculus Mobile devices’ array

Thanks for the reply but at the moment version 4.23 gives me a lot of problems with Oculus.

Other people have no problems with the previous version and I was hoping to solve the problem with my hands by continuing to work with version 4.22.3

No one else had my problem? Only me?

Sounds like the issue that came up when the Oculus updated and sideloaded apps defaulted to Oculus Go mode. Details and fixes here:

Thanks Alex O for the advice and marc.isaacs for the very useful link.

I also tried to use version 4.23 and the hands move at the same time but the project from some problems as you can see from the photos that I have attached, tips?

The VR template has some unique .ini settings -

Try changing “r.Mobile.UseHWsRGBEncoding=True” to False in DefaultEngine.ini

Thanks for the reply. It works!!!