Hands for VR: Basic

+1 for this as well!

Hi, is there any way I can use this with the leap motion controller. I dont want to just change the mesh of the leap hands provided with the SDK, I want to use the rotation and location provided to animate these hands instead.

Hey folks, would you like to tell us what kind of gloves you’d prefer?

Here are some pictures:

Just post the links you’d like or send a PM, thank you!

Hey guys love the asset, I am having a problem however. I have switched from the VR template hands to your hands and they are working great however whenever I try to package the game i get a package build fail almost immediately. I can post some screen shots if that helps. Has anyone run into a similar problem? thanks

Something like this would be perfect:

Can you please post your complete output log? You can send it to me via private message.

We’re happy to announce our new Hands for VR: Sci-Fi Pack! Soon on the marketplace!



Very nice, ill be picking them up for sure :slight_smile:

Hey ! Thanks for this creation. I just buy it ! Please, can you add two very important think ! 1 ) One animation with exacly the same position of UE4 Mannequin Hands and 2 ) One animation with exacly the same position of a basic TPose ? I think it’s very important for quick resyncronisation of animations. Can you tell me what’s the best think to do for resize hands ? Change size on BP or Reimport mesh ?


@BTENGELH Hi, can you add a closed hand Animation please ??? I can’t do nothing great, when i close hand there is lot of probleme with mesh. I thing another finger bones can esolve it. It’s very very frustatring. So please, can you tell me how make a closed hand with your asset ???

there is my problem :ebb49a32941a1ef014951ac35d526bc7dab077da.jpeg

Hello VIIPab, I’m very very sorry for the late answer! The notification for your post got lost in my spam folder. I’ll investigate the issue and try to come up with a solution.

can i use this

for this?

yes you can :slight_smile:

Hi Benedikt,
Thank you for this package! Do you know if you rigged hands could be driven by a Perception Neuron data glove?

How can I use these hands instead of weapon in FirstPerson template?

Hey guys
How can I Access the rigged models in order to do custom animations and posing?
I want to animate all kinds of vive Controller usages, not just the Trigger-pressing.

Right click -> Asset Actions -> Export FBX

If you need further assistance, please let me know!

Hi, i am trying to use the hands with the VR Template but there are some things different from the video tutorial, could you please update the tutorial for how to use the updated version of the hands? in the video tutorial use Grip State for the animation, but in the version i download for 4.18 use F Grab Factor and i cant make it work. Thanks for your help.

Hi elmauro81,
we’re working to get new pack onto the marketplace, then we will update the tutorials.

Until then, just convert the F Grab Factor to a boolean and work with that. If you need further help, just post here or send me a mail :slight_smile: