Hands for VR: Basic

“Hands for VR: Basic” aims to bring hand models to Virtual Reality developers. 12 Meshes cover all your needs: low, med and high poly female and male hands, each left and right, fully rigged.
Materials are included to allow easy adjusting of skin and nail color to your needs. The high detail material uses subsurface scattering. Material instances for african and caucasian included.

"Hands for VR: Basic" is available on the Marketplace!](

Tutorial Use Hands for VR: Basic with the new UE4 4.13 Virtual Reality Template:

Overview video:

Nail and skin color adjustment video:

Razer Hydra usage example video:
Watch here:

Razer Hydra setup - Tutorial & Instructions:
Watch here:


*** Technical Details ***

34 Assets:
(4) Lowpoly Hand Meshes: Left/Right for Female/Male (Male/Female 1140 Tris)
(4) Medpoly Hand Meshes: Left/Right for Female/Male (Male 1998 Tris, Female 2228 Tris)
(4) Highpoly Hand Meshes: Left/Rightfor Female/Male (Male 8034 Tris, Female 8938 Tris)
(2) Female Skeletal Rig: Left/Right Hand
(2) Male Skeletal Rig: Left/Right Hand
(2) Female/Male Hand Texture @ 512x512
(2) Female/Male Hand Texture @ 1024x1024
(2) Female/Male Hand Texture @ 2048x2048
(4) Example Animation Blueprint (Grab)
(1) Base Skin Material Simple (Low/Med)
(1) Base Skin Material with Subsurface Scattering (High)
(4) Skin Material Instances for Skin and Nail colors (African/Caucasian, Low/Med)
(2) Skin Material Instance with Subsurface Scattering for Skin and Nail colors (African/Caucasian, High)

support email:

Example usage in “Magic Tavern” (Free Download)

@btengelh - This looks great :slight_smile:

What price are you looking at? Also, do you plan on putting it up early for those that don’t want to wait for the Marketplace release (e.g., on Sellfy or Gumroad)?

You should consider doing a version that’s a close match to the hands on epic’s Mannequin, if you don’t already have that going. :slight_smile:

Something really creepy about a bunch of armless hands… That being said, awesome work! Any chance you will add a gloved variant?

Sure! We’re working on more themes: monsters, animals, aliens, sci-fi. Including things like gloves.

The skeleton is very similar to Epic’s Homanoid rig. You can see a comparison and a quick & dirty(!) retargeted animation from the “Animation Starter Pack” here:


We plan to provide our own animations. As this is being used for VR, we are going to mocap real hands and fingers for natural gestures.

We plan 30$. We’re discussing other marketplaces, too. I’ll post here if we decide to release elsewhere.

The assets are used in “Magic Tavern” (Free Download)

For the time being, “Hands for VR: Basic” can be purchased on Gumroad.

How to set these up with Razer Hydra exactly? Example in blue prints?

Hi dmorgan,

here is a quick tutorial on how to setup Razer Hydra with Hands for VR: Basic.

“Hands for VR: Basic” and Razer Hydra

  1. Extract “Hands for VR: Basic”
  2. Download Hydra Plugin UE4.10:
  3. Extract Hydra Plugin into project folder
  4. Open project and check if Hydra Plugin is loaded
  5. In Content Browser, add new feature pack “First Person”
  6. Open FirstPersonBP\Blueprints\FirstPersonChar­acter blueprint
  7. Delete Mesh1P and FP_Gun
  8. Add Motion Controller components under Capsule Component, set Left and Right
  9. Add Skeletal Meshes under Motion Controller compoments, rotate Z: -90
  10. Clean up blueprint: in Construction Script, delete “AttachTo” node. In Event Graph, unplug “InputAction Fire” and “InputTouch”
  11. Set GameMode in World Settings to FirstPersonGameMode
  12. Press Play and use Hydra!

Hey thanks for posting this. Would it also be fairly easy to attach a pistol from AAA gun pack into 1 hand and have it closed around the weapon?

And would it also be possible to hook these hands up to leap motion using IK or something for individual hand/finger/wrist movement? Thanks!

Yes that should be possible quiet easily. Unfortunately I do not have a leap motion at hand for testing.

The hands are available on the Marketplace now!

Once you do Robot hands, or sci-fi hands ill be keen as :wink: :slight_smile:

How do I find animations for the hands? I’m trying to make it to so depending on how hard you depress the Vive controller’s triggers, the hands will close accordingly, but I can’t find hand animations anywhere and I’m certainly not confident in my hand animation skills.

Any plans for an update on this, or another package, that includes the hand features but on a full avatar?

New Tutorial Use Hands for VR: Basic with the new UE4 4.13 Virtual Reality Template:

The video explains how to replace the robot hands in the new VR Template with the Hands for VR assets. It’s really simple!

Community Call!

With the Oculus Touch controllers looming, we’re going to create a new Hands for VR pack!

To all VR Devs: what kind of hands do you need? Now is your time to vote!

SCI-FI and or Robot (better than the UE4 man ones :wink:

Gloved (full finger)

+1 more vote for this…