Handling Submeshes (skeletal) best practices...?

This is as much of a question as it is a philosophy discussion in game design best practices.

I have a skeletal mesh that I would like to swap hands, feet, and other assets out as needed. Basically, the character has been broken into sub-meshes. The method I am familiar with is exporting the entire skeleton with only the desired mesh assets attached. However, I feel like this is wasted resources since there’s a whole extra invisible skeleton for the unneeded bits. Can I just attach the parts that I need?

The pro to doing it as mentioned above, is it’s really easy to sync animations across all sub-meshes using the same skeleton. If I were to swap say a hand for a gloved hand as a separate skeletal mesh component, I’d need to attach the hand to the bone or socket in question and also align animations – right?

What do you think is the best way?

What methods have you tried?

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Hi SeldinG

Have you looked into using the Master Pose Component?

Working with Modular Characters | Unreal Engine Documentation

I believe this will do what you’re looking for.

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Yes I have, but I have not read the full documentation. I’ll give that a look.

Thank you.

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