Handling Particle Collision Events

I have some things I want to do when my Character collides with a Particle (this is a particle of fog which imparts some abilities; particles appear to be the only way to do localized fog, so if this assumption is incorrect, that would also be useful to know). I have added both Event Generator and Actor Collision, and I am trying to figure out how to get the Event when a collision happens. The documentation tells me to “implement new subclasses of ParticleModuleEventSendToGame representing the types of game events particle events should be able to trigger.” But I can’t find anywhere that has a ParticleModuleEventSentToGame to implement a subclass of. I also tried following this discussion, but besides not being sure what kind of object the Blueprint screenshot is in, I obviously don’t want to spawn the particle system on a key press. I tried making an Actor that would spawn the system on BeginPlay, but besides the Custom Event not telling me which Actor it collides with, moving my Character into the Particle doesn’t appear to actually fire the Event. I suspect that this Event only fires for the Actor it is defined in, so maybe I have to get the Particle System from the Character I want to register collisions with? But I’m not sure how to get a reference to the Particle System without having the Character spawn it.

Any suggestions?

This vid is about generating BP events from particle systems: