Handle events fired using "IOnlineEventsPtr->TriggerEvent(...)" in the ShooterGame

ShooterGame make extensive use of IOnlineEventsPtr->TriggerEvent(...)(example usage can be found in AShooterPickup_Health at line 54 in the ShooterGame template).

I have dug around the ShooterGame source code but could not really find anything meaningful regarding how the events are handled. The only place where these events seem to be referenced is here ShooterGame\Config\OSS\Live\Events-EPCC.1-45783947.h which essentially looks like this:

Can anyone help me understand how the mapping is done or how the above file is generated to handle events fired using IOnlineEventsPtr->TriggerEvent(...)?.


If you are interested in seeing how these things are actually implemented in the engine, you can always check out the source code! IOnlineEvent is part of the OnlineSubssystem, which the source code for can be found here. I haven’t dug around in the code too much, as I imagine it would get pretty complex pretty fast. I hope that helps you find what you’re looking for!

I checked the source code but the only thing that came up is the interface declaration. When debugging the game I noticed that the call to Online::GetEventsInterface() returns nullptr so it probably isn’t implemented in the NULL or Steam online subsystem.

That it interesting. My guess is that somewhere down the line there is an override of that implementation with a more specific subsytem. I’m gonna clone the repo and see what I can find :slight_smile: