Handle both VR and 2d modes?

I would like to have two pawns, one for use in VR mode and one for standard 2d screen use. I would like my game to support both modes, and automatically switch depending on how I start it. How can I set things up so that if I hit Play in the editor the game starts with the regular pawn, and if I start it in VR mode, the VR pawn is used instead? And someday I will want to package the game, it’d be nice to offer the choice of 2d or VR. How to handle this?

I’ve been vaguely thinking of doing an asymmetric setup, if you have any tips on setting that up it’d be great, too. I’ve glanced through the video tutorial on multiplayer setup and it didn’t look so bad, but it didnt click with me how to handle the VR use case.

Bump, because no answer, plus that this would probably be very useful to developers

Use Mordentral’s superb plugin. VR Expansion Plugin - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums
You’ll be glad you did. :slight_smile:

Does it address anything I asked about?

Yes. The example project it comes with has two pawns for VR and desktop. You can control which to use through blueprints and create the app you want.
The thread I linked tells you everything, but it is very long. Trust me, it’ll do what you want and much more besides.
Good luck.

Ok, I’ll check it out, thanks. Just looking through the website didn’t actually explain much about what it actually does :confused:

Basically what Mordentral’s plugin does (among other things) is it doesn’t assign the pawn class automatically, instead the player controller checks to see if you are using a HUD or not and if so it creates a VR capable pawn. If not it creates a version that runs without VR. In his case it is a non-VR variation for testing, but I’ve done projects which use a standard pawn instead for non-VR.