Handheld AR template

I’m tying to create a simple AR demo for my company, using the Handheld AR blueprint in UE4. I’ve managed to deploy to my iPhone for testing, and I’m able to drop the default meshes into my “world”. However, I cannot find any guides on how to use my own meshes in the same way. Is this possible using the AR template, or is it something that I’d need to create from scratch using C++? I I have tried duplicating the included BP’s and replacing the static mesh, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Anybody have experience doing this?

Hello, I am having trouble deploying to my iphone. Everytime I try to test the camera is not working. Im using ios12, and unreal 4.22.3.

Have you changed the class in the spawn actor node under the AR Pawn BP?


Do you mean this guy? It’s already pointing to BP_Placeable and I have replaced the Static Mesh in that blueprint with my own mesh. Is there something else I should be doing?

Just make a blueprint out of youre mesh, copy that spawn actor node and fill it with youre BP actor. Worked for me.