Handheld AR Template - iOS deployment from Win10

I can deploy a fresh third person template or any other just fine on my iPhone X, but when I want to try the Handheld AR Template that came with the 4.19 update, I start getting an error message “Remote compiling requires a server name. Please specify one in the Remote Server Name settings field.”
Why? None of the other project templates require me to have a Mac to build for iOS.

My provisions and certificates are all in order and I’m troubleshooting on completely fresh BP projects, created via the Launcher.

Hello Niuva,

Unfortunately at this time packaging for ARkit requires “XCode 9 Beta 3 or 4” which means a Mac is required

I’m completely confused.

According to this page (Advanced iOS PC/Mac Workflow | Unreal Engine Documentation):

Currently, if you are using the launcher version of Unreal Engine, you can only deploy from Windows to iOS for Blueprints-based projects.

You’re answer to this completely negates that note in regards to using the Handheld AR Template

So what is one supposed to do if you want to launch the Handheld AR Template (Blueprints-only) unreal project on iOS? I’m using UE4 version 4.20 (the launcher version) and deploying on both Mac and my Windows 10 machine has failed.

Should I make a separate thread?

Hey Mike,
I had a working ARKIT project using UE4.19 yesterday. Tried to install the new UE4.20 and check out the new ARKIT 2.0 and thats where everything went wrong now I cant run anything neither on 4.19 nor on 4.20 with working certificates. I cant get rid of the remote server error. My project is blueprint only no 3rd party plugins and I even put this script in the DefaultEngine.ini under that section


this is suppose to stop the Remote server check and it is still not working.