Handheld AR Template 4.27 compiling/build Error

Hello Devs

I get this error when I’m trying to build/compile/cook/deploy. I don’t even know which name is correct, not to mention I have no idea how to fix this. I paid 99$ for Apple Dev program just to start testing things with AR and I cant get through with this :confused: .

I tried with 3rd person template, I followed with all documentation and it works , YEY:) ! , BUT :frowning: handheld project gives me this @#$%^&* Error. I didn’t use any coding - obviously :blush: -

does Any One has any ideas how to get this working on windows 10 :? Are there any options other than buying Mac :? I hope it’s easily fixable, and just I’m doing something wrong.

LogPlayLevel: Error: ERROR: Remote compiling requires a server name. Use the editor (Project Settings > IOS) to set up your remote compilation settings.

Bad news. You have to have a Mac to compile for iOS. That remote setting is asking you for a hostname or IP address for your Mac w/ XCode installed.

Can someone explain why my handled AR asks for a Mac to compile? It’is a blueprintonly project. I have already build bluprintonly projects without a Mac.