Handheld AR - ARCore - How to Move World Origin to Tracked Image?

Hi All,

I’m currently using the Google ARCore Image Tracker example/tutorial, and I’m trying to modify it so that if I scan an image - say, sometihng like a QR Code - I can move the World Origin to the center of that image, and then spawn my “geo”. I’ve been messing with the Set AR Alignment node for HOURS in various different positions in the blueprint with different boolean operations to take me out of the For Loop or something, but it doesn’t quite seem to be working in the way I would assume it would.

By default, the example level runs on the event tick, but I’m not sure I need that since once I scan the image I just need to spawn my geo once.

Does anyone have an idea on how to move the world origin to the center of the tracked image?


If I may ask what is the example/tutorial you use? Is it not possible to use this cast to image thing?

Have you found a solution to your problem yet?