Hand tracking is incorrect after adding VR template to an existing project

Hi all, hoping that you can help me with this. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to solve this for the past two days.

After adding the VR template to an existing project, I’ve noticed that the hands have incorrect rotation (I think 30 degrees off from the actual hand) and are a few units away from the actual hand. This was straight after adding the template to the project and testing it out using the provided MotionControllerPawn. This wasn’t the case in a project that had JUST the VR Template, everything worked fine.

As well as this, the right hand doesn’t track at all. It’s location always returns “0,0,0”. All I’ve done is add the template and try out the MotionControllerPawn, I haven’t touched any of the template’s actors or blueprints.

Is there a project setting I’m missing or something? Perhaps I’ve changed something that’s affected actors that can be tracked? I can upload the project for someone to help debug if that helps.

Here’s a video comparing a project with JUST a VR Template in it, and my own project for comparison.

Hope you can help :slight_smile:

Which engine version are you working in?


Is there a problem with importing content with that version or something?