Hand animation, grabbing, VRExpansion plugin

Hi there,
i´m trying to analyse the VR template project, to get a clue of how to set up VR Hands and grabbing functions.

So I installed the VRExpansion and OpenVR plugins, since the plan is to implement locomotion via actual swimmingmoves.

I opened a template scene, copied the motion controller blueprint to mess around with. Everything worked out fine til i installed those plugins. now the animation and the grabbing doesnt work anymore. but the “wants to grab” animation still fires off, but cant actually grab anything.
Maybe some controllermapping issue? btw im using index setup.

Any suggestions on that incl. links to good tutorials for absolue realtime dev beginners would be appreciated. I could also offer some kind of exchange. I would offer music and sound design, since i do it mainly for over 10 years now, in exchange for some individual tutorials maybe?

I would really love to raise my learnig curve, since it became quite frustrating after 1.5 weeks now. For every 0.5% of progress I get stuck somwhere else for at least one day. Dont get me wrong, i´m not plannig to give up on this, but would really appreciate to lower the frustration while learning.

So im open for basically any suggestions. weather it´s getting into c++ first or grinding through the UE tutorials (already did quite a few). But the goal is to get that swimming thing goin, since im doing it i a university context.

Stay healthy and thanks in advance!

Have you tried the VRExpansion example project itself?
That’s the 4.25 version. You can learn a lot by playing around with and studying that.
There are also VRExpansion tutorial videos on the author’s website along with other stuff
It’s all very complex for beginners but you’ll get there…
Hope this is useful.

Hey, thanks for the reply!
Yea, i checked that out already, but will keep on trying to study it. Thanks anyway!