Hammerfell Port

Together with Arturo Cartagena (Arturo’s Entry), we are creating an arabic port enviroment , inspired by Hammerfell, a desertic province of The Elder Scrolls, home to the redguards.

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Some pictures of assets I’ve been working on during the last week. I’ve focused mainly on creating modular assets that will be used to create the port buildings.

I’ve also experimented with the use of blueprints to position assets following a spline.

Last week I’ve created a couple of cranes that’d populate the port and the city walls, helping carry packages over the tall walls of the city.

During last week I’ve been working on detailing parts of the modular building system, adding details to populate the walls.

Also started modelling the scimitar that’d be visible from the character’s perspective.

Project updates:

First person weapon completed, new modular assets and vertex painting implemented.


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@greentoxic_eyes Hello there!

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly amazing your project for Hammerfell looks! I am astounded by the level of detail and the way you have incorporated your aesthetics to coincide with descriptions of Hammerfell in TES lore! I look forward to more screenshots! Keep up the amazing work!

I completely agree with @Get_DOVAH_it here.

Really stunning work here and I love the texture’s you’ve put on the buildings. Really consistent and charming environment creation. Hope to see more from you! :sunglasses:

During last week I’ve created a small beach in the port, along with new buildings (making some rooftops accesible) and rugs hanging from the windows.

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I thank you and @Get_DOVAH_it for your kind words! I’m glad you like how the project is progressing, and i promisse to keep uploading screenshots until it’s complete :muscle:

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Wow greentoxic_eyes!

This is breathtaking! I can imagine those boats bobbing in the Abecean Sea…and being welcomed by guards saying, “Here, we have curved swords” or “I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.” I am immensely impressed by the rugs hanging from the windows and your new additions! Thank you so much for your stunning work, for using the Unreal Engine, and for sharing your progress with us!

This week i’ve been setting up the buildings, creating a street of building with various heights, accesible rooftops and shortcuts among the buildings, along with working in a new kind of material that’d be very useful in flat surfaces.
My intention is to create some verticality between the buildings, with stairs going up and down constantly, narrow bridges among the walls,…



Yes! I think it is outstanding that you have decided to create accessible rooftops and shortcuts among the buildings! This is great for encouraging different ways to traverse through your Hammerfell port and explore! Creating different heights for your buildings makes the environment look even more dynamic. After viewing your incredible images, I’m imagining a character “parkouring” across the rooftops as a way to travel quickly to and from destinations.

Do you use Blender or Maya for your meshes? Are you adding any physics to the rugs so that they slightly sway in the wind?

I’m glad you like the scene so much!
“Parkouring” is something I missed in Skyrim. Not as much a climbing system as the option to stalk enemies, or follow objectives from the rooftops. I hope they add that element of verticality into the next Elder Scrolls.

Im using both, actually, depending on the asset im working on at the time.

the rugs dont have physics yet, but they will.

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This week I’ve been working on small details:
I’ve added some small amounts of sand in the base of some meshes to create a softer transition, work on the lightning, post-process and water looks, and added some humidity on the harbour walls.

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Agreed! I’m thinking about the time in Skyrim when I got cornered in the mountains by a Frost Troll. I could have used the ability to parkour between the rocks to get away! LOL!

Okay, I see. So the functionality to move across the rooftops is more mission-oriented.

The detail that you’re putting into this project is certainly impressive. Nothing about your project feels bland, and we are certainly honored to watch your fascinating creation grow! The fact that you have even thought to add sand and humidity throughout the port reveals your level of dedication and appreciation for the intricacies of things.

Do you also create your own textures?

Hello, @Get_DOVAH_it ! Thanks for your kind words, and sorry it took me so long to respond, was trying to be offline as much as possible during Christmas break.

Most of the textures come from megascans, but others are made using substance painter and will probably create some of my own, either using quixel or substance designer.

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Happy new year, everyone! Back to the charge.
During Christmas break I’ve been working on the Dark Brotherhood entrace, hidden somewhere in the harbour, and a blueprint that allows the player to ride the cranes as if they were elevators.


Hi @greentoxic_eyes !

Welcome back! No worries! I completely understand how demanding the holidays can be.

The textures you have chosen are amazing! The more you build out this port, the more unique you will want the details to be - I’m sure of it! The Dark Brotherhood entrance is mysteriously magnificent! From the screenshots, it looks like the closer you get to the door, the more you will be able to see the Night Mother. I loooove the idea of the crane elevators! That is brilliant! The Dwarves can’t be the only ones technologically advanced! LOL! Which modelling software is your favorite of the two you are using (Blender & Maya) and why?

Hi, @Get_DOVAH_it !

I’m glad you’re so interested in the development, it’s really motivating!

The dark sorority door must be a terrifying sight for anyone who finds it by accident. I still need to add details to it and crank up the lights.

I use Blender most of the time, simply because I find it faster to work with.
But when it comes to retopology, or complex UV layout, I would use Maya, as it works much better in that regard.
And although it hasn’t been necessary (yet) in this project, I also use Blender for rigging and animation.


Of course, @greentoxic_eyes !

Not only am I excited that you’re using UE to develop your project, you’ve also come across a huge Elder Scrolls fan!

Your choices between which modelling software to use for what purpose is certainly working - proven by the amazing work you have done thus far! Thank you for your continued sharing of this majestic project and for your responses! :fire:

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