Half of shadow is missing.

The female character’s shadow looks weird.
Shadow from knees to the foot is missing.

I think something wrong on fbx file as I can see the wrong portrait too.

Male Character :


Female Character :


Both of them look weird but especially the female character is worse.
Can I fix these problems on unreal? or Do I use other 3d tools?
Can you explain why this happens?


Though this is a super old post, it was the only one I found that matched the issue I was having. I tracked it down to the Physics Asset (open the mesh and look at the Asset Details panel under Physics → Physics Asset). Fixing (or removing, if not needed) this asset fixed the preview and shadow clipping.

I am facing the same issue when I import a CC3 character into UE4.27
I imported an avatar 3 months back and it worked fine. Now I try to import new avatars (same import settings), I get this half shadow problem. The physics assets seems to be odd torse down.

Can anyone share what I need to do to fix this physics asset related problem.