HAL Archviz Toolkit V1

Starting a support thread for customers … Please post your questions here.

I bought your toolkit and tried to run it on my VR system (Oculus DK2), however, I’m getting a lot of artifacts on VR mode with the screen jumping around. Is there a way to run the example using a VR headset?

I bought just yesterday, but I can’t see the lights. Is dark even in game mode. 98c073840e9ca323c210f73e9a5f4bf7780d9c15.jpeg

It is because you are on OSX and that level’s lighting was built on Windows. While all of the features of the Toolkit work perfectly in OSX … the demo scene is something different. Lighting on the demo scene was built on Windows and there is a known difference in how UE4 handles lighting on both systems. In order to view the demo scene accurately you will need to rebuild lighting with a higher exposure value.

Hope this helps.

What elements are artifacting and jumping around? The HUD elements do not work in VR. World space 3D widgets are experimental currently, but we are definitely working on it.

I still don’t think I understand what this toolkit can actually do, and suspect I bought it for the wrong reason and won’t really be of use to me. I’m looking for a nice simple way to create a home based on a design.

From the info I had assumed I would be able to create a model of a house (inside the toolkit) and then add furniture meshes, and change their textures, and the home would be built based on the floor plan.

Sorry but my system is windows, so this is not the problem.

Then most likely its is an Engine Scalabilty issue. Check that your settings are not being set automatically.

It also looks like your textures arent streaming in correctly … What video card do you have?

This is my system.

A GTX 770 is definitely capable of running the demo level without a hiccup. Have you looked into the Engine Scalabilty settings I mentioned earlier? Are all settings on “Epic”? If you haven’t modifed anything and/or rebaked the lighting and this is what happens when you opened the level for the 1st time, then there is something else happening.

I remember on on old laptop I had that I had to force my system UE4 to run on the Nvidia card in the driver settings because it defaulted to the Intel card. I don’t remember if it was the Intel driver or the Nvidia driver, but I would also check to make sure that your system is using the 770 to process 3D.

Is the Engine Scalability, that was in medium, thanks very much. Now looks good.

you’re welcome, thanks for purchasing!!

I’m not sure what in the description or videos gave the impression that the toolkit will generate a building from plan … or generate geometry at all, but it definitely can not do that. Unfortunately there is no simple/easy way to create an architectural visualization. At least that I know of.

What the Toolkit CAN do for is allow you to easily add a very high level of functionality and interactivity to your visualization. Such as changing your furniture meshes and textures in-game. For more information on how to set these features up. Please check out the quick-start guide here:


I have a project already in the works. I want to implement the too kit into my existing project. How would I merge the tool kit into my existing project?


Hi Aaron … Thanks for purchasing!

Check out the quick-start guide at the link below. It covers migrating into an existing project.

Ok. I will do that. Thanks.

Do you plan on setting up a project, using the tool kit, for an exterior building presentation? Showing how the workflow might be showcased.

We are working on 200,000 sq ft project at the moment and using the toolkit to swap out balcony rails, windows and other facade elements. When we’re done, I’ll record a video to showcase what we did.

Great. Thanks.

While doing your exterior project, are new changes/ updates to the tool kit being implemented? Maybe more so how rendering settings are handled, lightmass or dynamic lighting setups, for interior vs exterior? I only ask because it seems that, based on the marketing material, the tool kit, in it’s initial development, was more suited for interior projects.