HAL Archviz Toolkit - Marketplace submission

Any updates on release?

Hey Dorianv, any updates on ETA ?

I am very interested too by this. Any news ?

Spoke with Epic yesterday. We’ve passed inspection and are cleared for launch! I’m assuming in the next cycle.

Very interesting application. For vis a very handy tool but with the addition of a few key features I could see this becoming a movie maker in a box.

Awesome :slight_smile:

This is great! Can’t wait to see it in the store. Does it support VR? Oculus Rift, etc? If not, you should make a version that does and possibly integrate some gaze based navigation and menus.

Looks like it has missed a few release cycles now. Was really hoping it would be in today’s. Shame. Can’t wait to get a hold of this asset!

Same here. Does anyone know what the marketplace release cycle is?

There’s been some shakeups in the Marketplace recently, I think something big is coming … new rules, etc. They release every Wednesday and we have been told we are releasing this month. Just not sure exactly when. Hopefully this week! You could always buy it direct from our site … downside is you wouldn’t automatically get updates like thru the marketplace.

Just saw the tutorial…man this plugin is fantastic!
All the things I need are there, really can’t wait for the release on the marketplace

Congrats guys, be sure to update the UI for VR in the next release :wink:

PS: A demo scene ( as shown at minute 3.48 in the tutorial video ) will be included also? that would be nice :slight_smile:

You have another customer here waiting for its release! …looks great!

Thanks! UE4 has allowed our firm to change the way decisions are made on projects.

Nicolas3D - Yes, we included that scene from the video. It’s a penthouse from one of our projects. A 28 story residential building in Chicago beginning construction next year.

I’m waiting too! It looks a perfect solution

Waiting every week since the beginning, still no clue when the release will be ?

Epic told us they’re doing a featured release on the 21st.

Looks great! 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to choose only parts of the HUD? So maybe I don’t want to use camera settings or maybe not the floorplan? And are the HUD elements flixible in their positions?
  2. Will it be easy/possible to translate the interface to another language?

Thank you.


Would you mind letting us know what is the spec of the computer this video was captured on?.

build - Yes, you can disable any parts of the HUD independent from each other. On our internal project we start with the Toolkit as a base and then customize from there. That’s the beauty of UE4 you can modify and customize things any way you want. If you are new to UE4, I would read everything you can on blueprints and UMG before trying to customize tho. Changing the language would require you to retype all the HUD text, but that’s no big deal.

awss - All video of the demo level was captured via Camtasia on a GTX 780. The Toolkit itself is not graphically expensive at all.

Is this compatible with mobile devices?