HAL Archviz Toolkit - Marketplace submission

Hello fellow Architects & Arch Viz Artits! I’d like to show everyone what we’ve submitted to the Marketplace. This is a copy of the post I did in the marketplace forum. I’m re-posting here because I’m not sure how many people check over there and I’d like to hear what you guys think.

HAL is proud to present the most powerful set of tools available for Architects and Archviz Artists looking to add interactivity and value to their UE4 visualizations. The HAL Archviz Toolkit was created to help Architects and Archviz Artists quickly implement this extremely powerful set of interactive features into their archviz projects. All of which have been designed by architects and tested by our clients to operate smoothly in real architectural projects. As architects, we know how precious time is … so every tool was designed from day one to minimize setup time. The HAL Archviz Toolkit has also been setup to work intuitively with keyboard & mouse or Xbox 360 controller.

The Core Components

  • HUD with area for logo or branding
  • Floor Plans : Mini-map of floor plans including real-time view of player location (support for multiple story buildings)
  • Points of interest : Set points of interest in the editor and quickly access them from the HUD & floor plan mini-map
  • Edit Mode : Quickly switch models and/or materials (i.e. Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops, Furniture, Wall colors or anything else you want to change)
  • Camera Mode : Take high resolution screenshots in-game! Quickly change lens zoom/FoV + Depth of Field. (helps eliminate the need for additional V-ray renderings)
  • Controller Modes : Walk or Fly (drone mode) thru your visualization.
  • Tutorial Levels : Optional in-game tutorial for new users
  • Easily & quickly hide any HUD elements allowing for a clear view of your visualization.


Bonus stuff

  • Scene setup from real architectural project
  • Models & materials (such as mirrors with perfect reflections)
  • Blueprint Tutorials

About HAL
HAL (Hoyt Architecture Lab) is the research and development arm of Hoyt Architects. We have been using UE4 to visualize our projects for a couple years now. Doing so has allowed us to figure out a lot of the questions, problems and workflows using UE4 (and real-time viz) in an architecture production environment … which, in turn, has allowed us to use the technology not just for marketing, but in early design phases as well.

Huge Thanks To Our Team
Dylan Collins - For all your hard work. Super talented!
Tom Shannon - You’re a genius, bro!
Dorian Vee - me
Gary Hoyt - Thanks for staying the course!


Best work on archviz in UE4

I’m buying this. Info in price?

Amazing work, Will be difficult to implement in ours projects?

And, like heartlessphil, how much it cost?

Edit: I search for the marketplace thread and there is the price: 84,99$

Just watched the video - very nice presentation & lighting and a very nice tool! You add / already have a manual for setting up all the features?

This is impressive, good job. If the price is the one said before I’m gonna buy this probably!

Very impressive, I think I will be interested in this also

Very nice, well done! =)

Awesome. Was looking for something from decades.

Thank you all for the kind remarks!

heartlessphil & ferpenas - We submitted to the marketplace with a proposed price of $84.99. As far as setup time is concerned. We are architects and can’t afford to spend a lot of time setting up our scenes. Every feature in the Toolkit was designed to make setup as quick and easy as possible. We are even working on a tool that generates thumbnails for all your furniture & material changes!

maxbrown - Yes, we’ll be releasing with video tutorials and written documentation.

I don’t show it in this video, but we are also including an in-game tutorial BP that walks new users thru every feature step-by-step … for both keyboard+mouse and Xbox 360 controller.

Amazing work, I’m buy it.


This is amazing, as soon as this is available I will be buying, thank you for all your hard work!

Amazing, I wanna buy this. Info in price??

This looks great. Happy to hear that you will be offering tutorials for all of us beginners. Looking forward to it!

Fantastic work. Can’t wait for it to show up in the marketplace and try it out!

Very impressive!

What about “VR mode”? I guess that the widget needs to be heavily modified in order to work properly.

Details about pricing and release date would be great :slight_smile:

Very nice! Almost all of the tools in there, I was hoping to be possible and build into my project somehow :slight_smile:

Will keep an eye on the Marketplace, as I cannot seem to find it yet in the Launcher Marketplace overview.



Very nice job. I was planing to do something close to this.

Would you be able to have the camera move to the point of interest instead of just “teleporting” when you click it ?

What’s the ETA on marketplace?

Thanks again everyone for all the kind remarks!

Nicolas3D - VR for the HUD and menus is not supported in this release … but we are working on it for V2!
Rob Wu - It’s not on the marketplace yet, but should be soon
Robbie222 - ETA 2-3 weeks. This version, just teleporting. We are working on a “guided tour” system for the next release, but there are some logistical issues. Works great if you force users to go to points in a specific order … not so great if you allow the user to choose points in any order. In our projects, we’ve just been using matinees for guided tours.

Are you gonna keep updating this version (the one soon on the market) or just release a new standalone version?