HairWorks Exporter For Blender

Hey guys, I’m making this thread to share my blender add on that will allow you to export blender hair for hairworks. Keep in mind that it’s still a work in progress, so post any problems and bugs and I’ll try to address them.
Link to the add on :
All relevant information in the readme.
Video tutorial : - YouTube

Wow, I have been searching for something like this for some time now, since I can’t afford Max og Maya. Will try when I get home. Thanks.

You’re welcome. It was for exactly this reason that I decided to make it and I’m glad people are finding it useful. Let me know if it’s working okay for you when you’ve tried it.

This is good work, I’d love to actually test it out, but I can’t use blender at all. Just glad someone picked it up and ran with it.

Thanks, considering the amazing work you’re doing with all the GameWorks techs I’m quite flattered. Anyway, I also wanted to ask you a question because I saw you’re thinking about continuing the work done on the TressFx port for Unreal. Would you happen to know if there’s a difference between the .apx and .tfx files in terms of the data they need? If not I could probably whip up a Blender Addon for it as well.

This will be super useful for my project :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s pretty awesome proton!

Good timing for me too, hope to give this a try some time this week, I’ll let you know how I go…

You are my god, THANKS! :slight_smile:

Wow, cool stuff everywhere!

I don’t know what to say! Thank you & Bless you!!
I tired myself up with Blender Particle Hair system & when I wanted to import in UE4, booom, no hair is showing up. Searched a bit & found out Game Engines at the moment can’t handle that particle system (I know no more details about that matter). Searched a bit more about how to solve that problem & I found out your Addon in Blender, saw the videos and WOW! EPIC, since I can’t afford Max or Maya. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!
please if you make any updates to the Addon, I’d appreciate it if you messaged me ^^

You’re welcome guys. It’s still pretty slow and unoptimized, so I definitely still have a lot of work to do in that regard. I’m also looking into adding the ability to export capsule colliders with the mesh so your hair won’t go through the mesh for example. It’s just going to be a while yet because I’m currently working on getting HairWorks production ready in another engine (Unity). Also some people have reported issues with the hair not being positioned and rotated correctly, I’m aware of that, it’s due to particular skeletal rigs not playing well with it, but it’s not something I can easily solve unfortunately. The easiest method would be for me to just add rotation and location offsets as export options. So yeah all of this will come in due time. Thanks for all the thank you messages, it really helps me as a developer when people appreciate what I make. I know there are a lot of small indie devs and Blender lovers out there who probably don’t want to use max or maya to get the awesomeness that is HairWorks and this addon is totally for you, for free, so enjoy guys.

Hey @theprotonfactor sorry to bother you, but any news for the addon? I’m hoping to be able to use the capsule colliders soon! Tou seems to be the only one that is developing the integration for blender! Awesome work so far!

I’m going to get back to it soon. I’m pretty much done with my contribution to HairWorks integration into Unity, but I’m also working as a graphics programmer for a game in development right now, so I’m still a little short on free time. The capsule colliders look plausible enough though. So I might get around to trying it out in the next week or 2.

Any updates?

I’ve started work on optimization, capsule colliders and a fix for incorrect rotation and position. The updates will definitely be out by July. Might be earlier but no promises. The game I’m working on right now won’t have need for this right away, so other features are taking priority for now.

hi theprotonfactor github link not work

Hi everybody.
Yes, I’ve taken the page down for the time being. There are some legal issues that I have to discuss with Nvidia to get it back up, but I don’t want to go into too much detail. The addon should be perfectly legal and fine, but there are some disputes about its licensing at the moment.

First time that I have seen this. Hope the issues get resolved soon. :slight_smile:

Is the problem resolved now?

theprotonfactor hi how can i download this plug in please give me other link thank you