Hair shader issues

I have simple hair shader and clear scene

If camera directed from the side one (and no lights behind the model) - everything looks good.

If any light source is behind the model - I have overexposure.

I have tried different options, tried to use hairs from UE4 sample (and other materials schemes), but current problems is still present. Backlit option doesn’t works.
Who know how decide this issue?

Hi PGenom,

Back lighting is a bit wonky for the hair shader at the moment. There is a JIRA that reports this here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39061)

You can’t see it but there are private comments to the devs mentioning other issues with back lighting. You can keep track of this bug to see if a fix get pushed. It’s marked for 4.16 at the moment by may be addressed sooner if we have enough time.

Let me know if that helps,

solved here: DFAO with characters - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums
to stororokw


This keeps getting pushed back with every version. It’s now “expected” for 4.19.

Can we get a clearer answer on when the fix is really expected?