Hair Renders Poorly, while everything else looks Great...Why?

Using a Paragon character and an imported Reallusion Character Creator 3 character.
Simple scene lit with an HDR cubemap.
The skin, clothing, eyes all look amazing.

But the hair…it is almost as if it does not react to the lighting.
If I pull back in viewport, it is obscured so it doesn’t show as bad. But if zoomed in, it looks poor.
And, no matter what lighting I throw at it, Hair still looks poor, almost flat without depth and toonish, while everything else looks awesome.

How come!?
And also specifically, shouldn’t the Paragon character’s hair be looking good if the skin, eyes, and clothing are all looking good?


The Sparrow one uses the Hair Shader…
I am interested to see if maybe drilling down in a setting somewhere would better the render, although it just feels like the default probably was set to do the best already.

Here is the Sparrow Hair in Octane Render, using the same maps.
Definitely something with the UE4 Realtime Raster shader ability, it cannot give as nice looking hair for average characters with hair transparency, such as Paragon’s IN-GAME character.
In other words, it will look ‘okay’, and the average consumer will probably just accept it. But compared to other ‘slower’ rendering solutions it is poor.
What is weird, again, is that everything else looks so good. I guess hair is just one of those things that performing realtime engines just will struggle with…